Language classes

German Language Classes starting in Semester 1, 2020

Do you speak German?  A little bit?  Or actually pretty well?  No matter – Das Zentrum’s language classes have something on offer to suit your needs.

Our experienced, highly qualified teachers teach in a small group environment (class size 10 to 14 students) to ensure individual attention and to make the most of your ability and potential.  Our teachers are either native speakers, or have lived and worked for several years in the German-speaking regions of Europe and have extensive training and experience in both teaching German as a second language, and conveying the cultures of German-speaking societies in Europe.
Not sure what level you are at? Go to this link to take a free German language test that gives you an indication of what level you are at.  This will help you find the right class prior to enrolment.

Beginning German A1.1

Mondays 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Start: 24 Feb 2020 - Last Session: 25 May 2020
(The classes will also take place on public holidays. If the majority of the class are unable to make it on a public holiday, the class can be rearranged.)
Cost: $290 for 14 two hour sessions (one session per week on Mondays)
Textbook: A1 Menschen Kursbuch: Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Hueber Verlag) & A1 Menschen Arbeitsbuch: Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Hueber Verlag)

Contact: Katja Kühner (

Course Description

Would you like to start learning German? Then this course is ideal for you! It is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of German and wish to achieve basic language skills for the purposes of communication, study, travel or enjoyment. Anyone, from students to pensioner, is welcome to enrol. 
You will learn how to use everyday expressions and simple sentences to be able to satisfy concrete needs; ask others simple questions and respond to their questions. By the end of this course you will develop basic conversation, reading and writing skills.

No prior knowledge is necessary, but even if you have a little knowledge of German this might be the right class for you.


Please note that the course will take place only if there are at least 8 registered participants.


German A1.2 – Upper Beginning German

Course Fee: $190.00 for 10 lessons x 90min (contact teacher for payment details)
Course Dates: 6 February 2020 - 9 April 2020
Time: Thursdays from 6.15pm-7.45pm (tbc)
Location: Das Zentrum
Course books:
Menschen A1 Deutsch als Fremdsprache Kursbuch ISBN 978-3-19-1001901-3 Menschen A1 Deutsch als Fremdsprache Arbeitsbuch ISBN 978-3-19-111901-0 

This course is a continuation of A1.2 and designed for people who already have some basic knowledge of the language. The language is taught topic-based and so far we have covered topics, such as introducing oneself, professions, family, languages, furniture, numbers, shapes and different forms, the office environment, hobbies and free time, seasons, weekdays, the time, food and drinks, means of transport, travel and everyday activities.

The students have acquired a variety of simple grammatical structures and are able to apply DAS PERFEKT (the present perfect) when talking about past events.

We will continue with chapter 13 in the textbook Menschen A1 Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Students will need to purchase the text and workbook for the course. Copies of both the text and workbook are available for perusal at DAS ZENTRUM.

Please contact the teacher directly if you have questions regarding the course or the appropriate level. Kaarina Constable


Intermediate German

Wednesdays, 6-8 pm
Start: 29 January 2020 (tbc)
Cost: $250 for 12 two-hour weekly sessions

This course is inclusive of medium as well as upper intermediate. We will continue with chapter 2 of the textbook Sicher! Aktuell B2 (for more information see box below). In addition, we will also deal with topics or structures as they arise from the class. There is no formal placement test so if you are not sure if this is the right level for you please have a chat to me about it. Feel free to contact me as well if you have any further questions (Susanne Gross ).

If I need to cancel a class due to illness I will contact you via email so please provide the email address that you check regularly. The missed class will then be made up at the end of the semester.


Sicher! aktuell B2.1

Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch mit MP3-CD zum Arbeitsbuch, Lektion 1–6

ISBN 978-3-19-601207-1  


Sicher! aktuell B2


ISBN 978-3-19-301207-4

Sicher! aktuell B2

Arbeitsbuch mit MP3-CD

ISBN 978-3-19-311207-1


You have to be a member of Das Zentrum to do the courses. Membership ($50 / $30 concession per year) also gives you free access to our library resources (books, magazines, videos, DVDs...).

We meet at Das Zentrum, which is on the first floor of the Griffin Centre in Civic. To sign up please send an email with your contact details to the relevant teacher. If there is a place available you will receive a confirmation via email.

 The payment for the course is paid in full to the teacher, ideally prior to class commencement. Please contact the teacher for payment details. If you are a new member, please pay for your membership before the course starts. There is information on how to do this on our website ( ).

Alternatively, we can do this in the first session.

 For those of you that are already members, please make sure your membership is up to date.



German Conversation group

Every Tuesday from 7.30pm to 9pm at Das Zentrum. 

Start:  Start date for Semester 1 2020 is to be advised

The cost for this popular group is $30 per six months. 

Contact Conny (schueritz@outlook.defor more details.





Last updated 08 February 2020