"Das Pferd auf dem Balkon - The Horse on the Balcony" Freitag Abend Film Screening

18 Sep 2015

On Friday 18 September at 7.00 PM we are showing the film ("Das Pferd auf dem Balkon")  ("The Horse on the Balcony") at Das Zentrum, Australian-German Institute Inc. in the Griffin Centre, Genge Street, Civic.

Genre: Family  Laufzeit: ca 90 Min. Jahr 2012 (Austria) Regie: Hüseyin Tabak

The film is in German and has English subtitles.


Ten year old Mika is different from other kids. He has a mild form of autism which makes it hard for him to connect with other people. Mika’s strictly controlled life is turned upside down when he spots a horse on the balcony of the apartment next door! On his mission to solve the mystery, he teams up with spirited Dana. It turns out that their new neighbour Sascha has won the horse in a lottery and is eager to sell it to pay off his debts. Mika instantly connects with the distressed former race horse that seems to make a perfect therapeutic companion for kids like Mika. He and Dana, who become firm friends in their mission to save the horse, are not easily distracted from their goal. With courage and imagination they leave no stone unturned to rescue it not only from the slaughterhouse, but also from the crooks, going from one adventure to another.
English translation taken from http://www.goethe.de, original from  www.daspferdaufdembalkon.com