"Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland" Freitag Abend Film Screening

06 Nov 2015

On Friday 6 November 2015 at 7.00 PM we are showing the film ("Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland") at Das Zentrum, Australian-German Institute Inc. in the Griffin Centre, Genge Street, Civic. Genre: Comedie . Laufzeit: ca 97 Min. Jahr 2011. Director: Yasemin Samdereli The film is in German and has no English subtitles. Filmhandlung : Wie verlaeuft das Leben , wenn man als 1.000.001 Gastarbeiter nach Deutschlnd kommt? "Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland "erzaehlt mit viel Humor und Einfuehlungsvermoegen die Geschichte von Hueseyin Yilmaz und seiner Familie, die Mitte der 60er Jahre ihre Heimat Tuerkei verlassen, um als Gastarbeiter das deutsche Wirtschaftdwunder zu unterstuetzen. Der sehr persoenliche Film beruht zum Teil auf der Familengeschichte der Filmemacherinnen, die den Zuschauer auf beruehrende und hoechst amuesante Weise teilhaben lassen an einer Welt zwischen Orient und Okzident, an einer grossen kultur - generationenuebergreifenden Geschichte. "Mitreissende Multi-Kulti-Komoedie - Ein wuderbarer Film" (TVMovie) Synopsis: Almanya documents the story of a Turkish family, headed by a grandpa who has seen his children grow to father more children in Germany. Each member of the large family seems to hold a different opinion about his or her Turkish-German upbringing and personal degree of assimilation ­ so when grandpa declares over dinner that he has purchased a home in Turkey and would like to take a family trip for everyone to see it, he is met with much resistance. Even his wife of many years is surprised and disappointed by the news. To this, he sternly questions, “Have I ever asked anything of you?” and the family falls silent, only to eventually acquiesce to grandpa’s will. From there, the film flies through timelines and decades, recapping the family’s immigration from Turkey to Germany with all of the pomp and romanticism that all who dream of a new opportunities no doubt have. But while the film humorously spotlights the excitement of grandpa’s past, it also expresses, on the behalf of both the grandparents and their Turkish-born children, a sense of nostalgia for a motherland that lies as a gateway between Europe and Asia.