Annual General Meeting of Das Zentrum

19 Nov 2018

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Das Zentrum, Australian-German Institute Inc. will be held on Monday, 19 November 2018 at 7.30pm in our room in the Griffin Centre at 20 Genge Street in Civic. The committee invites and encourages all financial members to attend.

The procedure of the meeting will be as follows:


1) Welcome, Apologies and Quorum

2) Confirmation of Minutes of AGM 2017 

3) Presentation of Annual Report – President 

4) Presentation of Auditor’s and Treasurer’s Reports 

5) Nomination and Election of Office Bearers (4) and ordinary Committee Members (5)

6) Selection of Public Officer (Chair: new President)

7) Selection of Auditor

8) Proposed Constitutional Changes

9) Any Other Business

I would like to invite members to nominate for a Committee position not only to make an active contribution to the effective functioning of the organisation and to represent the interests of our members, but also provide a contribution to the wider community. It is important for organisations such as Das Zentrum to have an active, enthusiastic, and well-functioning committee in order to do justice to the goals and objectives as set out in our constitution, and to provide a valuable service to our members.

Members who would like to nominate for the Committee may do so in writing – a nomination form will be available at Das Zentrum on the night and this can be handed to the Public Officer, Ms Rachel Cremer, prior to the commencement of the meeting.

I hope to see you at the AGM.

Andrew Gaczol, Secretary