"Jakob der Lügner" Freitag Filmabend

06 May 2011

This Friday, 6 May, at 6:30 PM in our rooms in the Griffin Centre we are showing the East German film Jakob der Lügner.


Jacob the Liar is a novel written by the German author Jurek Becker published in 1969. The German original title is Jakob der Lügner. Becker was awarded the Heinrich-Mann Prize (1971) and the Charles Veillon Prize (1971) after the publication of his bestseller. 


The novel was made into two films, Jakob, der Lügner (1975) by Frank Beyer, the only East German film ever to be nominated for Best foreign language film at the Academy Awards (1976), and the American re-make Jakob the Liar (1999), a Hollywood production starring Robin Williams, of which it has been said: “A profound film was remade with just enough alteration of mood & content to become a trivial film”.


Jacob the Liar was first translated into English by Melvin Kornfeld in 1975, but without Becker's input. A new English translation was made in 1990 by Leila Vennewitz and Becker; published in 1996 it won the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize.


In dem Roman „Jakob der Lügner“ schildert Jurek Becker das Leben des Juden Jakob Heym in den letzten Wochen vor der Räumung des Ghettos, in dem er lebt. Durch Zufall erfährt dieser im Polizeirevier der Deutschen durch ein Radio, dass die Rote Armee bereits vor Bezanika und damit unweit des Ghettos ist.


'Jakob der Lügner' is the only DEFA-Film ever nominated for an Academy Award (1976).


In German with English sub-titles.  96 minutes long.

Classification: FSK ab 12 freigegeben.   

Entry by gold coin donation.                     

Bring your own refreshment if you wish.