Vortrag/Lecture: “English, German and all that: botanising in the linguistic hinterland” - Dr Heinrich Stefanik

12 Apr 2012

In this introductory talk Dr Stefanik invites you to join him in exploring the linguistic hinterland of German and English. He’ll draw your attention to prehistoric echoes still resonating throughout our modern languages.

You’ll be amused discovering that Saxons, Sex and Science go back to early breakthroughs in human communication technology. Pursuing the seemingly humble words saying and seeing is in fact quite a saga. And in examining the bizarre ritual of knock on wood you soon find yourself thinking of Druids, Generals and Lawyers.

Heinrich studied Germanic languages at the ANU. He tackled ‘the lot’, from Gothic and Old English to obscure Bavarian dialects and all stations in between. Right from the start, the deep and ancient inter-relationships between most languages spoken in the immense arc stretching from India to Iceland intrigued, challenged and absorbed him. He now likes to call himself a linguistic archeologist.

From 8pm on 12 April 2012 at our rooms at the Griffin Centre.