Calendar of Events for 2019

December 2018

21 Dec 2018 — 28 Jan 2019Das Zentrum closed for Christmas break - opening again on Tuesday 29 January 2019

February 2019

01 Feb 2019"Fack ju Göthe III - Final Fack" (Suck me Shakespeer 3) Freitag Abend Film Screening
15 Feb 2019No film screening this evening but Das Zentrum will be open!
16 Feb 2019 — 17 Feb 2019Das Zentrum @ 2019 National Multicultural Festival

March 2019

01 Mar 2019"7 Tage in Entebbe" - "7 Days in Entebbe " Freitag Abend Film Screening
15 Mar 2019"Die Kunst der Widerrede" (The Art of Argument) - Freitag Abend Film Screening
16 Mar 2019Federweisser Fest at Spielwelt

April 2019

05 Apr 2019"Der Geilste Tag" - "The Coolest Day" Freitag Abend Film Screening
19 Apr 2019Das Zentrum will be closed for the public holiday and no film screening - HAPPY EASTER!
25 Apr 2019Das Zentrum will be closed for the Anzac Day public holiday
27 Apr 2019Das Zentrum Volunteers' Day

May 2019

03 May 2019'Gemini: Falsches Spiel' - 'Gemini: The False Game' Freitag Abend Film Screening
04 May 2019Das Zentrum at Connect and Participate Expo - Kingston Old Bus Depot
17 May 2019"Neo Rauch – Gefährten und Begleiter" - "Neo Rauch - Comrades and Companions" Freitag Abend Film Screening

June 2019

01 Jun 2019Das Zentrum OPEN DAY
07 Jun 2019No film at Das Zentrum this Friday - but we will be OPEN!
21 Jun 2019'The Cleaners' Freitag Abend Film Screening
23 Jun 2019Das Zentrum at the German Markets

July 2019

03 Jul 2019Das Zentrum Committee Meeting
05 Jul 2019'Wuff' - 'Woof' Freitag Abend Film Screening

September 2019

07 Sep 2019Das Zentrum's Bilingual Trivia Night is back!
16 Sep 2019Guest Presentation: Swiss Political System and the upcoming Federal Election

October 2019

04 Oct 2019"Westwind" Freitag Abend Film Screening

November 2019

08 Nov 2019"Bornholmer Strasse" Freitag Abend Film Screening
10 Nov 2019Fall of the Berlin Wall: 30th Anniversary Celebration
18 Nov 2019Annual General Meeting of Das Zentrum - NOTE REVISED DATE
22 Nov 2019Book Reading 'German Lessons'

December 2019

06 Dec 2019'Der Junge muss an die frische Luft' - 'All about me' Freitag Abend Film Screening
18 Dec 2019Das Zentrum Christmas Dinner
20 Dec 2019 — 27 Jan 2020Das Zentrum will be closed for the Christmas break - BEST WISHES TO OUR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS

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