Are you interested in learning German and wish to achieve basic language skills for the purposes of communication, study, travel or enjoyment? Maybe you have learnt a little bit of German in the past and want to do some revision before moving on to level A1.2?
This beginner course is ideal for those students who may have done a beginner course a while ago and feel they are not quite ready to move to level A1.2. Or maybe you did a short course of German at Das Zentrum in the last year or two and want to get back to learning German? Then this is the course for you!

We will start with a short revision of the first chapters in Menschen A1 before continuing working through the A1 program.
In the first Term of 2023 we will meet for 12 sessions of 90 minutes each in a small group of about 8-14 participants. We meet once a week on a Thursday evening apart from the Easter week.

Please note that the course will only take place if there are at least 8 registered participants.