Vorlesewettbewerb/Reading Competition 2010 - The WINNERS

21 August 2010

On Saturday 21 August 2010 the final round of Das Zentrum’s Reading Competition (Vorlesewettbewerb) was held.  In front of an audience and a panel of judges the finalists each read a short text which they were given on the day (with short preparation time).


The texts:


Click here to see the 3 texts for the following categories:

Category 1: School Students Years 9 & 10

Category 2: School Students Years 11 & 12

Category 3: Adults


Congratulations to the following winners:

Category 1:

1st:       Georgia Antonopoulos

2nd:      Joanna Pope

3rd:       Alix Biggs

4th:       Susanne Norder


Category 2:

1st:       Connor McMaster

2nd:      Caitlin Plunkett

3rd:       Karen Khoo

4th:       Lilli Fenner


Category 3:

1st:      Derek Bayley

2nd:    Isabel McTigue

3rd:       Hannah Bull


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