What we do

We do many things at Das Zentrum - all of them aimed at forging the link between Australia and the German-speaking regions of Europe:

  • we maintain an extensive library of holdings in German and in English, both classical literature and popular fiction
  • we subscribe to several German-language magazines, news, general interest, psychology, etc.
  • we offer German language classes taught by fully qualified teachers who are native speakers or have lived in German-speaking regions of Europe for several years - at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels
  • we offer more relaxed conversation groups for those who want to maintain their fluency
  • we conduct immersion weekends for those seeking a serious injection of German language, culture and food
  • we show German-speaking films (mostly with English subtitles)
  • we arrange lectures by guest speakers and offer other presentations
  • we socialise through an annual wine tasting of the Federweisser and Christmas dinner
  • we promote the culture of music through concerts
  • we produce a regular bilingual newsletter to keep our membership informed of our activities
  • mostly we are a meeting place for all people interested in the language and culture of the German-speaking areas of the world

To achieve all of that we maintain modern and high quality rooms in the Griffin Centre in the middle of Canberra city (Genge Street, Civic), staffed by volunteer members for almost twenty hours per week.

Last updated 17 June 2017