Neuestes Nachrichtenblatt

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In addition to the HTML documents you can view with your browser, a range of materials provided on this website is also available for downloading in the Portable Document Format (PDF) format. These documents can be accessed by clicking on the PDF icon:PDF

PDF is a document format, created by Adobe, which is designed to be platform independent, that is, it can be viewed on any type of computer system. To open, view and print PDF files, you will need to install the free Adobe Reader, which is available from the Adobe website:

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 Federkiel April 2022 [2.5MB]  

 Federkiel January 2022 [1.2MB] 

 Federkiel October 2021 [0.9MB]

 Federkiel July 2021 [1.5MB]

  Federkiel April 2021 [2.4MB]

  Federkiel January 2021 [1.1MB] 

  Federkiel October 2020 [2.1MB]

  Federkiel July 2020 [2.6MB]

  Federkiel April 2020 [1.8MB]

  Federkiel January 2020 [1.5MB]

  Federkiel October 2019 [1.9MB]

  Federkiel July 2019 [1.8MB]

  Federkiel April 2019 [2.1MB]

  Federkiel January 2019 [1.2MB]

  Federkiel October 2018 [385kB] 

  Federkiel July 2018 [732KB] 

  Federkiel April 2018 [3.5MB]

  Federkiel November 2017 [1.3MB]

  Federkiel June 2017 [2.3MB]

  Federkiel April 2017 [395KB]

  Federkiel March 2016 [1.6MB]

  Federkiel March 2015 [623KB]

  Federkiel November 2014 [385KB]

  Federkiel July 2014 [737KB]

  Federkiel February 2014 [4.5MB]

  Federkiel August 2013 [459KB]

  Federkiel April 2013 [247KB]

  Federkiel November 2012 [754KB]

  Federkiel August 2012 [2.5MB]

  Federkiel March 2012 [971KB]

  Federkiel December 2011 [1.4MB]

  Federkiel July 2011 [1.8MB] 

  Federkiel May 2011 [579KB]

 Federkiel December 2010 [3.34MB]

Federkiel July 2010 [624KB]

Federkiel May 2010 [1.5MB]

PDF Federkiel February 2010 [691KB]

Last updated 17 May 2022